Mass Effect Andromeda NEW Gameplay Walkthrough (1080p 60 FPS) – CES 2017

New Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay from CES 2017 NVIDIA live stream, 1080p 60 FPS. Explore the new environments, planets and locations of Mass Effect Andromeda as well as check out the new abilities, weapons and enemies in this incredible new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay trailer from CES 2017!

Road to Boruto Gameplay Trailer

Pickup Road to Boruto coming out February 3rd on PS4, Xbox 1, and PC via Steam and play the full story from the movie!

Samsung presents QLED TV – CES 2017

Samsung is transforming your TV experience with the the innovative QLED TV. Enjoy breakthroughs in Picture Quality, Design, Smart TVs and Premium Audio. Witness the most gorgeous and realistic picture quality available on a TV. All through the magic of the New Samsung Quantum dot Technology.

Quantum dots could support large, flexible displays and would not degrade as readily as OLEDs.

FF91 – Faraday Future

A first look at the Faraday Future FF 91. Aerodynamically crafted and aesthetically unmistakable, our first production vehicle is a singular convergence between otherworldly form and interconnected function.

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